Life can be really busy. You may feel like you need to put some things off because you just cannot fit everything you need to do in. It’s possible your annual well-woman exam may be one of those things you feel you can wait on. As tempting as this may sound to cancel your annual appointment, it is extremely important that you make time to take care of yourself and see your gynecologist for your exam. 

Why You Need An Annual Exam
As we age, our bodies change. A woman in her 20s is not going to be dealing with the same issues as a woman in her 50s, however, both can benefit from seeing their gynecologist. During a well-woman exam, patients have the opportunity to ask their doctors questions. For some women, these questions may be about birth control. While for others, their questions may center around what to expect during menopause. At Women’s Surgery and Aesthetic’s Center, our team is ready to help you as you navigate womanhood. We can answer any questions you can have. 

Health Screenings
Well-woman exams are also important because women can receive any screenings they need. According to the World Health Organization, “cervical cancer is the fourth most common in women.” In the United States alone, the American Cancer Society anticipates that close to 14,500 women will be diagnosed this year. Testing is recommended beginning in your 20s, however, women between the ages of 35-44 are the most frequently diagnosed. Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women, according to the CDC. During a woman’s lifetime, the American Cancer Society says there is a 1 in 8 chance she will develop breast cancer. The earlier cervical cancer and breast cancer are diagnosed the better, so screenings are essential. Gynecologists can talk with women about their risks and answer their questions.

Sexual Health
Sex is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, however, many women deal with problems in the bedroom. According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists, around 4 in 10 women will experience sex problems sometime during their lives. General problems with sex are labeled as “female sexual dysfunction.” These women typically experience issues with desire and arousal, orgasms, pain during sex, or issues during intercourse due to medications or substances. When you visit your gynecologist for your yearly exam, you need to tell your doctor about any sexual issues you’re experiencing. Your doctor can help you find solutions to overcome these problems. At Women’s Surgery & Aesthetics, we understand that bringing sexual problems up can be difficult. Our providers are committed to creating a warm and caring environment where you can feel comfortable and safe when discussing sensitive issues.  

There is still plenty of time for you to schedule your 2021 exam. We want to help women thrive and enjoy every stage of their lives. You can learn more about our gynecology services by visiting Give us a call today at 423-899-6511 to schedule your appointment.

Older couple smiling and hugging

Aging is a part of life that we cannot ignore. As we grow older, our bodies change. Many women begin to lose confidence in their body once they hit menopause. Around 50% of menopausal and post-menopausal women experience vaginal atrophy, also known as vaginal aging, where the walls of the vagina become thinner. The natural elasticity and blood supply is also reduced. Vaginal atrophy causes discomfort and can affect a woman’s desire to be sexually intimate with her significant other. Even with so many women experiencing the same issues, this topic is currently not widely discussed. At Women’s Surgery & Aesthetics Center, we want to help women regain their self-confidence and feel comfortable in their skin again. As part of our mission to provide the highest level of care through our highly skilled health care professionals and state of the art technologies, we are pleased to be one of the only places in the Chattanooga area that offers the MonaLisa Touch to help women suffering from vaginal atrophy.

What is the MonaLisa Touch?

The MonaLisa Touch is a great alternative to the vaginal creams that are often used to treat various gynecologic concerns many women experience. This non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment uses a fractional C02 laser to help correct low estrogen levels in the vaginal tissue that cause these issues by reactivating your body’s collagen production. One of things that makes the MonaLisa Touch uniqure is that the laser uses proprietary stacking technology, which means that deeper areas of tissue can be targeted. The great news for women is that this out-patient procedure is performed on their schedule and only takes around five minutes. In addition, this treatment is hormone free and patients are not exposed to any chemicals. According to a TechValidate survey of 236 women in the United States who had this treatment, 97% of them were satisfied with their results. (Source)

Who’s a Good Candidate?

Since this procedure was introduced in 2012, thousands of women across the United States and the world have opted for the MonaLisa Touch. This is an elective procedure, and women do not need a referral to schedule an appointment. Women who feel these vaginal issues are affecting their way of life should consider the MonaLisa Touch. However, this procedure is contraindicated for women who have an active vaginal or vulvar infection, have untreated or undiagnosed lesions in the treatment area, or are pregnant or gave birth within the last 3 months. (Source)

What Will Life be like after the procedure?

Post-procedure, it’s recommended that you wait 2-3 days before becoming sexually active again. Typically, you can return to your normal day to day activities within a few days. Some women may experience mild side effects like spotting, vaginal bleeding, itching, irritation, watery vaginal discharge, redness, swelling, and discomfort. A number of women will not experience any side effects at all. At our office, we recommend patients have three procedures in six week intervals. (Source)

How We Can Help

Ladies, you deserve to always feel beautiful inside and out! If you feel the MonaLisa Touch could be an option for you, then give us a call at 423-899-6511. We will be more than happy to talk to you about this option further and help you make the best decision for you.