Lauren Barlew, WHNP-BC


Lauren is a dual board-certified Nurse Practitioner in both Women’s Health and Adult Primary Care. She graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2012 after extensive training and dedication towards women’s health care.  She has spent the past six years providing care to patients in a primary care office which allowed her to develop a strong foundation for assessment and treatment of both female and male patients. As time passed in this setting, the pull towards her training in women’s health care became particularly strong so she developed a women’s health program within that practice. 

She recognized that to be able to manage her patients to the level that she desired, it was necessary to join a dedicated gynecology practice. She has special interests in contraceptive management and family planning, PCOS/metabolic syndrome, postmenopausal hormone replacement therapy and sexual health. She believes that women’s healthcare is best provided by developing a strong partnership between the patient and the practitioner to allow for open discussion about sensitive topics. She wants to understand the patients’ goals and concerns to help find a solution to the patients’ problems together. 

Lauren is thrilled to bring her experience to Women’s Surgery Center to be able to provide excellent gynecological care to women across their lifespan. 

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