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da Vinci® Surgery - An effective, minimally invasive treatment alternative for a range of uterine conditions including gynecologic cancer and uterine fibroids. The board certified physicians at Women’s Surgery Center in Chattanooga, TN are specially trained in da Vinci® procedures. With numerous potential benefits over traditional approaches, da Vinci® procedures are less painful, have fewer complications and shorter hospital stays.

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  • Dr. Furr is the first and only surgeon performing single incision surgery for hysterectomy and endometriosis in Chattanooga. This approach offers better cosmesis than traditional laparoscopic or robotic surgery with a single one inch incision hidden inside the belly button. Recovery times and postoperative pain are improved with most patients being discharged within hours after surgery.
  • Dr. Furr has now performed multiple SILS (single incision laparoscopic / robotic hysterectomies) with excellent cosmetic results.
  • The first single incision robotic hysterectomy in the State of Tennesee has been performed by Robert S. Furr, MD.  May 2010  
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